Listen, I’ve been there, and there’s only so much you can know about wedding planning and only so much advice you can get from friends and family. I’m here to take care of all the details so the only thing you have to worry about is saying “I do”.

Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by whether or not everything will arrive

There are so many small details that go into not only planning your wedding, but making sure it all comes together exactly the way you imagined

that's where we come in

no one asking when vendors are arriving, no one asking what time to start the toasts

Imagine a stress free wedding day...

Let us guide you through an experience, instead of the run-of-the-mill checklist.

Who are our clients?

Couples who value their wedding day as something to experience, rather than get through.

Families who want to spend the wedding day together, instead of setting up a ceremony or reception.

Anyone who feels passionately about the person they are with and the circumstances that brought you together - your stories inspire us each and every day.


There's a better way

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Full Service Planning + Design provides support for every aspect of planning. We’ll help guide you through your wedding design experience, from color palettes and patterns to floor plans and details that will surprise and delight. We’ll work together to curate not only your experience, but your guest experience as well. Allowing us to plan your day will let you enjoy the process, and more than that, you'll have the chance to have fun being engaged, instead of wanting to pull your hair out.

our minimum starts at $450 per guest

Let us take care of you.

Full Service Planning + Design

manage my day

The investment starts at: $3,500

90 Day Coordination is for the couple who has all of their vendors, but realized they don’t want their aunties to have to be in charge of setting up the ceremony and reception (shoutout to all those family members out there!). Allowing us to manage the weeks leading up to your wedding will relieve you of the stress caused by keeping track of vendors, creating a timeline, setting out place cards, and so much more.

For the couple who wants to handle everything, but needs assistance in the months leading up to the wedding day

90 Day Coordination

Michelle, mother of a bride

“In September of 2020, our daughter’s November, Hawaii wedding was canceled due to Covid. She and her fiancé, Jack, really wanted to keep their November 28th date. All of our prayers were answered when we were introduced to Gabi!! With so much stacked against us, time crunch, Covid, the Cottonwood Hotel was not yet even opened yet, Jack and Sarah were living in Hawaii and not here to even see the venue. To say that this was the least stressful wedding planning ever, is not an exaggeration. My husband and I had a meeting with Gabi, then turned it over to Sarah and Jack. Gabi helped us pick out a Florist, plan a menu, design a large ballroom to make it feel cozy and intimate for our guests. A couple of weeks before the wedding Gabi texted me about the music Sarah would walk down the aisle to. What? I hadn’t even thought about that! No worries, Gabi got the music from Sarah, found an amazing guitarist and booked him. When the day finally arrived Gabi was busy setting things up, yet always found time to pop in and check on us - we definitely had the red carpet treatment. In that short time of planning this wedding with Gabi, she stole our hearts. She made the whole experience fun and stress free, and the results were beyond our expectations! We not only gained a son in law, we gained a new friend!”

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